Why Choose KanduHosting.com?

When searching for an affordable website hosting company for our own business, we found the wide assortment of options, features and fees overwhelming. In frustration, we picked one of the well known hosting companies and parked our website there for two years. During that time, our first hosting company was bought out by a bigger hosting company and all of the things we liked about the original host disappeared. Fees went up, features were dropped and support was outsourced to another country. Before long, we were paying over $350.00 per year for hosting services and we knew there had to be a better option.

We needed basic web hosting and email services. Maybe some FTP capabilities from time to time and that was about it. What we didn’t need was a hosting service that constantly tried to upsell us and we definitely didn’t want our host provider selling our email addresses to other companies who then tried to sell us more services we didn’t want or need.

In the end, we decided there were just three things we wanted from a hosting provider: Affordability, Understandability, and Dependability. Unfortunately, after a lot of research and a lot of effort, we couldn’t locate a single provider that offered all three consistently. We also realized about that time that we weren’t alone. All small businesses want quality service at a good price that they can depend on. It’s really not a lot to ask!

So, ten years ago, we set up our own server and launched KanduHosting.com. We started marketing our web design knowledge to small businesses and hosted them on our own server. We’ve grown over the years and we’ve had the opportunity to build some great sites for some really great customers. Check out some of the sites we’ve built over the years and if you would like to have us put together a web site proposal for you, contact us. We can provide the quality services you want at a price you can afford.

At KanduHosting.com, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate combination of the best hosting service, expert design and technical support, and best of all, great low prices.